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Promoting theological education for lay and ordained Anglican and Lutheran Christians in Ontario.

Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College remains rooted in the evangelical Anglican tradition. A denominationally diverse community at the UofT, it exists to equip people for leadership in Christ’s Church through practical theological training and rigorous study of the Bible.

Choose Wycliffe College if you are looking for:

1.              Quality of faculty 

2.              Academic reputation 

3.              Comfort with theological ethos/perspective 

4.              Curriculum 

5.              Affiliation with UofT and libraries 

6.              Strong sense of community (in that order as reported to Wycliffe by students). 

Here are some recent initiatives at Wycliffe College:

Conjoint Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Conjoint Master of Arts (MA) in Theological Studies.

Students now receive these (in addition to several others) as degrees from both the UofT and Wycliffe College.

Religion & Society Debates  

Master of Divinity (MDiv) Pioneer Stream

Master of Theological Studies in Community Development

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